Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Regional Dialogue on BCPs in Lima, Peru

On 8-9 August, an informal dialogue was held in Lima, Peru, bringing together a number of Latin American and other organizations to share their respective experiences or thoughts on working with biocultural community protocols. The meeting was hosted by the Sociedad Peruana de Derecho Ambiental (SPDA), ETC Compas, GIZ, and Natural Justice.

In addition to the co-hosts, participants represented different organizations from the region, including the Asociacion Andes, COICA, representatives from the Kuna Kuna tribe in Panama, Kiwchua in Ecuador, Indigenous communities from Madre de Dios, Peru, FARN, IIAP, AGRUCO, and Candela Peru.

During the two days, participants discussed the importance of biocultural heritage, the legal framework in which biocultural community protocols are embedded, and shared their respective experiences on the use of protocols in different parts of Latin America and beyond. It was concluded that while biocultural community protocols are a very useful tool to secure Indigenous peoples' and local communities' rights under, among others, the Nagoya Protocol, more examples are needed in order to draw more precise conclusions about the nature of BCPs and what constitutes the most appropriate processes to develop and use them. Participants agreed to raise further awareness on biocultural community protocols within their respective organizations and to generate further experience on their use in the region. Presentations given during the dialogue can be accessed online.

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