Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Journal Issue on Environmental Laws and Sustainability

A special issue of the Open Access journal Sustainability, focusing on how law can and should be used to achieve sustainability, is available online. The guest editors introduce the issue by saying, "Sustainable development provides a framework for humans to live and prosper in harmony with nature rather than, as we have for centuries, at nature’s expense. Nonetheless, sustainability does not now have an adequate or supportive legal foundation, in spite of the many environmental and natural resources laws that exist. If we are to make significant progress toward a sustainable society, much less achieve sustainability, we will need to develop and implement laws and legal institutions that do not now exist, or that exist in a much different form." The issue includes articles such as "Losing the Forest for the Trees: Environmental Reductionism in the Law" (Klaus Bosselmann) and "Grassland Governance and Common-interest Communities" (Anthony Schutz).

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