Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Seeking ICT Support: May-July, 2012

Natural Justice is seeking a Cape Town-based service provider to support our organisation in maintaining, updating and occasionally developing further Natural Justice’s internet presence. Successful applicants should demonstrate their capacity to achieve the following - 

1. SEO: 

• Previous experience in optimising websites to maximise hits via search engines, especially Google 

2. Update www.naturaljustice.org and www.community-protocols.org efficiently and precisely as requested by Natural Justice. This will require: 

• Previous experience in developing using the Wordpress platform 
• Previous experience with Filezilla 
• Experience developing and maintaining professional websites 

 3. Flexibility: 

• Ability to work irregular hours with different amounts of work required from week to week and month to month. Hours required will likely range from 0-5 hours in a week 
• Willingness to complete Natural Justice tasks quickly and efficiently as need arises 

4. Social media: 

• Experience integrating traditional websites with social media plug-ins 
• Attention to detail and aesthetics 
• Creative ideas for future developments 

5. Professionalism: 

• Ability to understand and complete tasks quickly 
• Capacity to provide accurate estimates of the amount of time required for tasks assigned and to bill accurately for services rendered. 

To apply for the position, please send a cover letter and CV to Johan Lorenzen (johan@naturaljustice.org) and Holly Shrumm (holly@naturaljustice.org).

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