Monday, December 14, 2015

Rooibos Traditional Knowledge holders meet with Industry

Rooibos industry
Mr. Cecil Le Fleur, Chairman, National KhoiSan Council
The San and Khoi are the rightful knowledge holders regards traditional knowledge related to the rooibos plant, and they are currently negotiating with the rooibos industry in terms of the South African Access and Benefit Sharing legislation. They are legally supported by Lesle Jansen from Natural Justice and Roger Chennells from Albertyn Chennells Inc.   A basic industry-wide agreement is being sought, based purely upon traditional knowledge in the light of the South African legislation, which will simplify the access and benefit sharing and permitting requirements for the rooibos industry. The traditional rooibos farming communities will be the primary beneficiaries under any agreement reached.  The agreement will have significant benefits not only for the Khoi and San traditional knowledge holders, but also for the rooibos industry.  These stakeholders met on 2nd December 2015 in Clanwilliam to further develop these negotiations.

Harvested rooibos, South Africa

Traditional rooibos farming communities from Wupperthal and surrounding areas, South Africa

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Unknown said...

This is not justice ! Why don't these legal firms support the organisation that represents the Boesman and Khoi healers who are the real indigenous knowledge keepers of the use of the veld plants of the greater SA. These firms even use the indigenous peoples money earned through benefitsharing with industry to fight them in courts if they don't want the fruadelent NKC to represent them. These lawyers know that the NKC is not a representative body and non of its members are IKS practitioners or knowledge holders.So I see them as part of the problem towards recognition of the rights of the indigenous peoples. I dare them to bring proof of the money invested in communities which has been recieved from benefitsharing aggreements.