Wednesday, August 29, 2012

OSISA Briefing on San Values Workshop

The Open Society for Southern Africa, a partner and funder of Natural Justice, released a briefing this week on workshop held in Bwabata National Park on San Values and Biocultural Community Protocols (BCPs) run jointly by Natural Justice, Kyaramacan Association, Integrated Rural Development and Nature Conservation, and the Namibian Ministry of Environment and Tourism. The workshop sought to “exploit the synergies between on-going work on San values and on Bio-cultural protocols to help empower poor and marginalised indigenous communities.” 

The OSISA briefing describes two reasons why the workshop was important. Firstly, “it will contribute to the establishment of a Khwe custodian committee for maintaining and promoting traditional knowledge, skills and values amongst the youth and residents.” Secondly, “it will serve as a planning session for the proposed bio-cultural community protocol (BCP) in Bwabwata National Park.”  

The briefing notes that the workshop is part of a broader effort by OSISA’s Indigenous Rights Programme and Natural Justice to support the development of BCPs by Indigenous communities in southern Africa. 

The briefing can be accessed directly here. Learn more about OSISA’s Indigenous Rights Programme here and find OSISA's Facebook page here and Twitter handle here. Read about Natural Justice’s previous work in Bwabata here.

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