Saturday, September 8, 2012

Terralingua E-Magazine on Sacred Natural Sites

Terralingua has published its latest Langscape e-magazine, “Sacred Natural Sites; Sources of Biocultural Diversity.” This edition was co-edited by Luisa Maffi and Ortixia Dilts of Terralingua and Bas Verschuuren and Robert Wild of the Sacred Natural Sites Initiative. It seeks to “explore the rich interconnections between Sacred Natural Sites and Biocultural Diversity.” Natural Justice’s Steph Booker and Holly Shrumm contributed to the publication, authoring “Protecting the Sacred: The Role Community Protocols Play in the Protection of Sacred Natural Sites.” 

From the description of this edition, “through a unique lens of stories, photographs, articles, and a diversity of perspectives this volume of Langscape introduces you to the value of Sacred Natural Sites as valuable sources of biocultural diversity. They are the amongst the oldest places at which intersecting human culture and wild nature have deeply shaped humanity. Their conservation is complex but important not only for the survival of biodiversity and cultural diversity but also for human well-being and life as a whole.” 

Steph Booker and Holly Shrumm’s article considers the way communities in Tanchara, Ghana and Sheka Forest, Ethiopia are using biocultural community protocols (BCPs) to assert their rights to steward their sacred natural sites. They argue that “BCPs are one rights-based approach that can help indigenous peoples and local communities redress the conflicts between customary and externally imposed laws and values to ensure that their priorities and ways of life are effectively supported in practice.” 

The entire e-magazine can be downloaded here. Previous editions can be downloaded here.

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